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Julianna McGreer

Dan, I said I would put a comment on your web sight. Sorry for the delay. I think it is a wonderful sight.
I am so very encouraged by the story about your dad. Thank you for sharing it. My heart hurts for you and your family but at the same time I am filled with wonder at how God works. Your mom is a strong women. I am sitting hear thanking God that your parents chose Jesus Christ to be their savior instead of something or someone else. At first thought it would not seem like believing in a God and Savior you cant see or touch would make life more bearable but He really does make it so much more better. I don't know how I Could get through the small things I go through with out a savior and how much more difficult it would have been for your family with out the relationship they have with God. Well, thanks again for sharing. I hope it leaves people with the thought of how good He is.


Thank you,Dan. I appreciate you sharing your story and remind us of God's incredible faithfulness to His children. Please hug your mom for me and let her know how precious she is to share her journal and encourage others. I read this aloud to my husband and we reflected on how good God is are thankful that you see His hand in your lives.

Jessica Garlick

Thank you so much for sharing your story. As I sat reading your mother's story, I was amazed by the strength and faith she had. The theme that existed throughout the whole story was that God never gives us more than we can handle at a specific moment. Isn't God amazing! Thank goodness for God's grace in our lives and especially in your family's lives during that trying time. Thanks again for sharing!


I was just counting down the years two days ago, it's been almost six for us. Christmas is one of those holidays that makes us remember afresh: The lack of two central figures in our snowy family photos. Death alters, it has no choice but to alter. But, I think, that alteration is its most redeeming quality. There is no victory in death itself, but there is for those of us left behind. We suddenly value life, and Christ and the gospel and hope and a future, in a way we could never imagine before. There is a clearer picture of redemption and grace and for that I'm grateful. It sounds like your family has experienced that same hope as well.

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