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Jennifer L

That's hilarious!!! I will definitely keep that in mind.

For the administratively-minded, here's some advice:

1. Tell us your ideas and let us take a minute to process. Taking a minute to think doesn't mean we don't LIKE the idea...just means we're already trying to figure out how to get there.

2. Take US to Starbucks cuz we have a looooooooooooong process ahead of trying to get inside your head to see exactly what you're thinking about.

3. Believe us when we say - we can't do it without you.

4. Take us to Starbucks cuz coffee is good for the imagination...and we generally lack this virtue.

5. Be really excited with the end product, even if what you were thinking was 'apples' and we come up with 'oranges'.

6. Take us to Starbucks to celebrate.

7. Let us sleep a good long time...after all that caffeine, we'll need it!

:) Happy New Year, mis amigos!

Amy B.

Thanks for the advice. I have several visionary friends, so it should come in handy. ;)

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