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Maybe I shouldn't be the first one to comment, but as the only daughter in a brawling brood of eight boys I think I appreciate the sentiments you're sharing with your brothers. My brothers have always been careful to assume that inward beauty is far more valuable than outward beauty and did their best to help me cultivate that attitude, even when I felt unlovely. You say that "Christian women hear this message a lot..." and it's true, but nothing brings it closer to home than when a male affirms that the inward beauty truly is more priceless and imperishable. Whenever I begin to doubt this principle, I remember the love Christ has for His bride, based solely on her sorry wrinkles, but with hope for her future spotlessness.


Hi. I'm here from Carolyn's blog.

Wow...hit the nail on the head with this statement!

"I know what scripture says about beauty. However, what I see single men value is quiet different."

This has been my personal experience. It's discouraging and, to be honest, it often makes me want to pursue physical beauty rather than cultivating spiritual beauty. (This is not to say that I am not responsible for the attitude of my heart! :)

That is why I so appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you!

Mickey Sheu

nice post! I'll be reading!

Jennifer L

Me again. :)

Last night I watched a Nat'l Geographic documentary on adopting baby girls from China. It was SO emotional to see how the girls are seen as less important and unwanted because they can't carry on the family name or provide their parents with financial stability like the boys can. I was affected when I thought of how grateful I am that the men in my church treat ladies with respect and equality. Very few of us will really experience what these women walk through. My heart goes out to every Chinese baby girl being left on a doorstep simply because she's a girl.

Side note, one statistic that I just cannot get over is the estimation that by the year 2020, there will be 40 million Chinese men unable to get married due to the lack of girls being born!!! Unfathomable!

Well, g2g...


That is just what we women need. Both men and women need to read what you wrote. May God bless you and Merry Christmas.

Puritan Belief

Great use of examples with Abigail, I love the way you expanded this verse in a way that we can all "take home" both the girls and the guys.


"I know what scripture says about beauty. However, what I see single men value is quiet different." How sad is this! God is looking down from heaven and seeing imperishable beauty in the church today, and it delights Him!"

How true! Thanks for this whole post. God's using your thoughts and other material on these matters to challenge my thinking. Thanks, bro. Keep obeying God.

A Sister In Christ

Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your thoughts on true beauty. It is an encouragement to hear that there are still guys who believe beauty is more then physical appearence. In todays society, i think it's hard for both guys and girls to combat the lies that Hollywood portrays as true success. May God's word be the true measuring rod that we all use as we seek to live a life that pleases Him. Thank you again for your honesty and encouragement. God bless you and guide you as you share His word with others.

Ruthie Stewart

A great post!

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