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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I commend you for being able to think outside the box. I look forward to seeing your future posts and seeing what conclcusions you come to!


I can definitely see the value of going both ways. I went to college with folks who floated through and cared about nothing and I've worked among the leagues of those who'll never see more than fast food management. Both have up and down sides.

I do think it is important to count the cost, as you suggest, of assuming college is best for everyone. Different God-given gifts and learning styles make it something of an individual choice.


I was encouraged. I'm still at the point of trying to figure out if I should go to collage. I have gone to a community college for a bit and have and am working in a office with all older people. My boss who runs a business out of her house never went to collage and is making a comfortable living for her family of 5. But she is the very one who has been encouraging me to go to college. Mostly because I know I don't want to be doing what I'm doing for the rest of my life or even for much longer and because she wishes she had and thinks if she had she would not be working at a job she doesn't like. So she has started taking classes on line to become certified in a field she loves and hopes to be able to leave the work she is doing and is OK with taking a cut in her family's income stream so she can be at home with her kids and enjoy her work.
First let me say that I am not in anyway of the impression that I have it figured out or that I think their is a particular route all young people should take. I do think it very's from person to person. Having said that I do think their is a lot of pressure from most people for most young adults to go to college. So I find it quite hard to know what I should do. I pray about it and talk about it with others often. I had thought that I should go and get a degree in something relatively interesting enough so that I could get through it and move on with life before I get any older and it becomes to hard/uncomfortable to go back to college. But then someone pointed out that if I felt God had it in His plan that I get married and have a family that maybe collage would not be the best thing if it would leave me in a lot of debt that I would be bringing into the marriage and family that my husband would have to pay off while I stayed home with the kids. At first I thought that was a silly reason for not going to collage. But I have to say it is starting to make since. So I am looking more at cheaper colleges should I think God is in fact calling me to get a degree.
I have heard often about how most people seem not to use their degree in the occupation they end up having for most of their working life. But that just the fact of them having the degree meant they had worked at it and hopefully have good writing skills and people skills meant that they would be more qualified then some other young adults who had not gone the college rout. Personally I do feel as though my writing skills are less then those who have a degree but then I often fined I am at the same place if not more then my degree holding peers when it comes to people skills. A lot of that comes from my upbringing as well as having put in the time I would have been at college in the work place. Well I have no doubt said enough. I look forward to reading more on this discussion.

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