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LOL and Amen. Sometimes I feel like "marriage" ate all of my friends. So I feel your pain. :)

I did go to college and though I am not doing what it was I set out to do when I started my education, I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I got saved in college, came out of my shell in college, and discovered my voice (in more ways than one) in college. It was a once in a lifetime experience. But I went into it simply because I didn't know what else to do with myself. Had I been more purposeful and thoughtful maybe I wouldn't have gone...maybe I would have gotten much more out of it. Regardless, I do agree that the decision to go to college needs a lot more thought and planning behind it than it seems to get now.


I can echo a lot of what Tina just said. I went to college simply because I didn't know what else to do. What I gained was not really academic, but it was a time of growing up, maturing and developing a deeper walk with the Lord. Would I do it again? Probably not. Had I been more mature I would have spent time seeking on the Lord on how to put my faith into practice and further His kingdom. I think you are far more mature than I was. Keep seeking His face and the widom He imparts is worth much more than anything you could get on this earth!
Take care-


haha, can i just say that your blogs are really great, and i find myself relating to a TON of stuff.

I am sitting in my college's computer courtyard right now. But that doesn't mean it has 'eaten' me. In fact, so many of my friends have been devoured by this beast, that i pretty much have gone the other way...but anyways, i think college not only is pushed onto us by society, but it appeals to a lot of our sinful tendancy's as well.

Things that have sinfully drawn ME would be: selfish ambition - wanting to make something out of myself, competition - being in a classroom with 20some kids your same age, all doing the same work! hello!, Freedom and independance from parents, and many more.

I know many many people who wouldn't trade their college days for anything, and I myself have learned a LOT about trusting God, evangelism, discipline, time management, and respect durring my time in college, but it is NOT for everyone, and it is a landmine for sin...i think it should be considered very carefully and certainly not the default.

Puritan Belief

In Australia we call it University and unfortunately it ate me up for some years. Looking back I would have much rather have not gone there and gotten more life experience.

You are right about our gifts the Lord has given us and to pursue this avenue rather then the "American/Australian dream"

The Lord has prepared in advance for us good works so that we will walk in them "Ephesians 2:somewhere"

After understanding this verse I do think that Uni gave me some great opportunities to tell my peers about Jesus and was exactly where the Lord wanted me at the right time.

Love your blog Mr Roof guy.


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