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Gullible ShopVac

Oh how true this is! When we study Heaven we see in a greater light that as Christians, this fleeting world is not our home! Our lives here are but a moment in light of eternity. The Father of our salvation has prepared a place for us and by his saving grace we will spend eternity worshiping him in a physical place that is absolutely WONDERFUL! Oh how I need to be encouraged to take my eyes of the temporal and with great excitement look towards the day to come!

Thanks Dan for the way you honor the Savior with this blog! You are spurring people on to love God more by what you write.


God is so good and faithful and if we had even a glimpse of how deceived we have been and how short sighted we are, we would just weep. I read your post and just sat and thought about how we can't wrap our finite brains around who God is and what is to come. We just aren't capable...Thanks for the reminder.

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Lad mig lige slå fast, at jeg i alt indtog fem øl i går fra vi ankom til den lille forstad til Dinant og til jeg gik i seng.

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