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Speaking of John Piper...he calls idolotry "the dark exchange." We exchange the divine and perfect will of the Lord for something far less satisfying because it can be immediately obtained. But, this exchange is a dark one because of what it opens the door to.

Sin is does indeed play dirty - easing us often unwittingly into idolotry, but tempting us even with those things God has called good and birthed a desire for in us. But, it is also comforting to know and experience the reality of the power of God in the area of our thoughts and feelings...to know that we don't have to stay stuck in idolotry and, through the renewal of our minds and the cleansing of our hearts, we can even prevent the desires of our hearts from becoming idols.


I want to encourage singles that God does have a purpose in singleness too. I am among those who have recently got engaged (before Christmas though), but as I look back I can see so many opportunities I had to share the Gospel that would not have happened if I were married during those times. I want to encourage you all to ask God to give you ministry opportunities as a single. There are many things singles can do that married people cannot. Don't waste the opportunties!! Sieze them! Our purpose in life is not to find our mate and get married, but to glorify God- sometimes as a single and sometimes as a wife or husband. I very much look forward to an exciting marriage, but I do not feel like I wasted the past years as a single. God's timing is perfect.

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