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I loved your poem! Fantastic.
Happy valentines day to you too.


Taking my cue from Solo Femininity, Happy National Singles Awareness Day!


Good post Daniel. I agree; Ben is/was pretty pathetic! It is amazing to see where Providence has all of us right now. (Who would'a thunk it?)

Karl and I really enjoyed getting together at your b-day party. For me, it was vaguely reminiscent of all the times we all stayed up yacking until the morning hours. Maybe you weren't there, but I remember your dad walking in from his night shift at the hospital. He was very gracious, but that was definitely the cue.

Can't wait to see on whom the morn doth brightly shine. Let us know, okay?


Dan, Thought your poem was really awesome! You seem to have quite a talent in your writing. Enjoyed reading your post, thanks for your humility in sharing. God bless.


I thought you said you were going to stop blogging...glad you didnt!

Clarissa Ramos

Your poem (and the rest of your post) brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting it.



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tiny tim

I'm lovin' it. And to think this was your last post before...you know what. http://www.danieljennifer.com


I love the realness of this blog entry. It's actually great to read about things from a guy's perspective. Sometimes we get so consumed in the fountains of our own female minds that we completely forget that guys exist! lol...I learned much from this entry!

Thanks for sharing!

You've been tagged by Ms. Giselle :-)


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